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Important IT Updates: Office 2016 and more...

posted Dec 4, 2014, 10:25 AM by Admin Account   [ updated Jan 21, 2019, 7:09 AM by Gil Oliva ]
[Sent to Faculty & Staff:]

IT has a few reminders to share:
  • We ask that PCs be shut down overnight, for both the power savings as well as updates and other procedures that require system restarts.
    (We are also exploring policies that might reduce power consumption through sleep/hibernation methods. However, those are not the same as a reboot, which should be done regularly anyway.
     For remote access users, RDS does NOT require your computer to be running on campus to access a remote desktop session.)

  • With an increase in phishing scams and malware attacks. Please be careful when dealing with suspicious mail.
    (eg: shipping notices or invoices you don't expect.)
We also have a few updates:
  • IT has a new Portal site for training and support resources: 
    (Helpdesk is still the place for support requests / ticketing, but this new portal will let us post many more resources for you. We're still adding to it - let us know what you'd find helpful there.)

  • We have deployed Office 2016 to all student-facing lab and classroom computers on campus (and offered it for self-deployment to many administrative staff,) with the wider campus now invited to update. We are also working with Marketing & Communications to deploy a library of templates for Word and Powerpoint for easy starting points within the style guide.

Office 2016
HC IT is pleased to introduce user-initiated software deployment (you select your installation / update from a menu when it suites you to run the update.) 
The first solution we are deploying this way to the whole campus is Microsoft Office 2016.  Some of you have already upgraded and may disregard these instructions, but many of you have not or this is your first invitation.

The Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 (MSOffice Professional Plus 2016) upgrade is now available on all HC computers. It could take 30 minutes or more to complete this install. It reboots automatically following the installation, so you should start that upgrade when you're ready to restart your computer and have nothing else running, such as during lunch or the end of the day (when you should otherwise be shutting your PC's off anyway.)

You may wish to reference our IT portal for these instructions including screenshots if desired:
To select your software to install, open START>All Programs>Microsoft System Center>Configuration Manager>Software Center.
Allow it a few minutes to update your software list and present a menu of available installations (you can do other things while it remains open in the background.) 
Once the available software shows up in the Software Center window, highlight the desired program and click Install in the lower right corner of the window. 

As always, please contact helpdesk (reply to this email) if you have questions or trouble, with this email or your Office 2016 installation.

Gil Oliva
IT DirectorHesston College