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IT Department Updates

posted Jun 25, 2014, 2:26 PM by Rick Borders   [ updated Dec 4, 2014, 10:28 AM by Admin Account ]
[Sent to Faculty & Staff:]

Here is a brief update/refresher note regarding the changes in the IT department, and our mail migration to Google Apps.
  1. We are beginning adopting our new roles in the department, so here's the broad strokes:
    • IT Helpdesk is still the preferred point of contact for support needs, at or x8103. 
      We will be using the helpdesk ticketing system even more heavily for tracking support, maintenance, and project tasks, and email to helpdesk is the preferred method.
      Please don't call staff directly for support - we have extra workloads, new roles, and we may not be available or the appropriate person to assist you. By calling x8103 or even better emailing helpdesk, you help us manage our time and document the work most effectively, and as a result you get the best service possible.
    • Copy Center and Postal Services needs can still contact Mary directly at x8106/x8107, but the rest of IT is also available as a backup.
    • Melissa will be moving into an IT suite office in the near future, and will have a new phone extension (x8124). Support needs should be routed through helpdesk, as she is now a part of that support system as well.
    • Gary is remaining in Smith Center, but will also begin participating in the helpdesk support system. Faculty are encouraged to email helpdesk for support requests so Gary can centralize his tracking and communication, and so he can integrate his support into IT services more directly. He may share more as the details become clear.

  2. We have now completed the migration of accounts from Lotus to Google. 
    • If you are continuing as an employee beyond July you should have completed the migration steps. 
    • If you are still accessing a shared mailbox on Lotus that hasn't migrated yet, please email helpdesk.
    • If you find mail is appearing in Lotus but not Google, please search for it, including checking your trash and spam folders. If you are not finding the mail, email helpdesk for assistance.
    • Those we have not heard from have had your mailboxes migrated without your input or participation. 
      You must complete the couple steps outlined in the emails from Helpdesk (in your Lotus Mailbox) to access your new mailbox on Google.
We look forward to extending our services to you even further. If there's anything we can help with please don't hesitate to ask, and thanks for your patience and support as we work into these new structures.