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Google Lunch 2018 notes

At the November 27, 2018 Google lunch, faculty and staff got a "show and tell" on various Google tools.

  • Gil O shared about Google’s tool called “Hangouts”.  It is a messaging (texting type tool) that can also do phone and video calls.  

  • Casey C shared about a Google Chrome extension called “Boomerang” that gives some extra features to Gmail.  With it you can control when you get emails and when they are sent, and if they should be automatically send again. She also talked about another Chrome extension called Grammarly that gives grammar suggestions to anything you type in Chrome

  • Carlota P shared how a committee she is on is using Google Docs to help international students get ready to transfer.   Their committee came up with a checklist document, that is then copied for each individual student and shared with them.  Then the students or HC fac/staff can get into that document and add their notes and check off when different things are done.

  • Gary O showed the Google area of our HC Helpdesk web pages.  He also reviewed some of the features of the new Gmail that people seem to like and how to turn off the ones some people don’t like.   He also showed the list tools of Task and Keep that are now on the left side of your Gmail screen. And he mentioned some benefits of Google;s Team Drive option.  If you want a department or committee Team Drive created send a request to

  • Remember, if you have questions on how you can better use the Google tools, just ask someone, or….. Google it