Web Print

(From any browser, PC or Mac, you can print from off campus and pickup when you arrive)

Note:  Only PDF files can be printed via PaperCut’s Web Print feature.


        Go to http://print.hesston.edu

  1. At the PaperCut login screen enter your Hesston Username and Password
  2. Click on Web Print link

  3. Click on Submit a Job link

  4. Select the printer (radio button) you want to print to and click Print Options and Account Selection button.

    These are the available printers:
    • Admin Bldg
          • Copy Center [CC-RCO-907-BW] - Konica 907 B&W
    • Smith Center
          • Library [Library_Color_Printer] - Ricoh 430 Color
          • Access Lab [SC-ALAB-BW-IBM1532] - IBM 1532 B&W
    • Charles Hall
          • Nursing Lounge [CH-NURS-BW-KMP20P-LOUNGE] - Konica 20P B&W

  5. Enter print job options (e.g. number of copies) and account to charge to (if applicable) and click Upload Documents

  6. Select the file (drag it into the box or browse to it) and click Upload and Complete

  7. The print job status will show on the final Web Print screen