Self-Service Software Deployment

The HC IT department is making some software available to users on a self-service basis through Microsoft System Center. With this tool you can upgrade your Microsoft Office software and some Jenzabar EX tools. Software packages assigned to the computer or current user are presented for user-initiated installation. If you believe there are solutions missing from your list, please email and we'll help resolve the issue.

Note: With MSO 2013 installation, it doesn't put icons on your desktop or task bar. Go here to see how to add them, after you have installed MSO 2013.

Here is a video on how to do software upgrades

Or go to your Microsoft start button and search in all programs for Microssoft System Center

Allow it a few minutes to update your software list and present a menu of available installations (you can do other things while it remains open in the background.)

Once the available software shows up in the Software Center window, highlight the desired program and click Install in the lower right corner of the window.

If the available software is installed, it is indicated in the Software Center window, and on some packages may be uninstalled using the same process.