April 2018 Google Tips

    • Activity Dashboard

    • There is now an activity dashboard tool added to Docs, Sheets, and Slides that lets users with the ability to edit files check to see who else viewed the file and when they viewed it,. You can access this new feature in those programs by going to the top menu, selecting Tools > Activity Dashboard

    • Google’s intent with this feature is to give you better information to decide how and when to follow up with collaborators. Editors have the option of adjusting document privacy settings to control whether viewing a shared document shows up in the Activity dashboard.

    • Voice Typing

    • It used to be that you needed a third-party application in order to use voice input in Google Docs. Now you can just open the "tools" drop-down menu and select "voice typing" to start using voice input into Google Documents. Well you can do that quickly with laptops that have built in mics, for regular computers you will need to get an external mic.

    • Columns & Grids

Need columns in your document? You can insert those from the "format" drop-down menu. However, the columns will apply to the whole page. If you only need columns for part of the page, use the "table" drop-down menu to insert a simple 1x2 table. The table's cells will expand as you type.