OSX & iOS (Mac, iPhone, iPad) Printing

Note: Keep in mind that while being on a WiFi / Wireless connection, there might be a slight delay before the document starts printing.


1. Install the “Printing” App (this is a one-time step).

o On your device, open the Safari browser and navigate to http://print.hesston.edu/install

o If you get the message “This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuration profile”, tap “Allow

o The Install Profile window (below) will show

§ Tap “Install”. The warning, “profile is not signed” will show

§ Enter your device's passcode if asked

§ Tap “Install” and then “Install” one more time

§ Tap “Done” when finished

o The “Printing” app should now be installed on your device

o The App is used to:

§ Authenticate the user and their print jobs

§ Display the user's balance

§ Perform print job confirmation

§ Perform shared account selection

§ Display Print Scripting messages

§ Perform other functionality such as message notification

2. Print the file/document

o Tap/open the “Printing” App installed on step 1

o Enter your Hesston username and password

o Open the file / document in the application (e.g. Word, Google Docs, Excel, Adobe Reader, etc.)

o Follow the application’s specific printing procedure, for instance:

§ In PDF Reader: tap the share icon, tap Print, in Printer Options you can select the target printer, number of copies, double-sided. NOTE: If you don't see the print option you will need to upgrade your application or use a different one. The following printers are available:

• Administration Building - Copy Center - Konica 907 B&W [CC-RCO-907-BW]

• Smith Center - Access Lab - IBM 1532 B&W [SC-ALAB-BW-IBM1532]

• Charles Hall - Nursing Lounge - Konica 20P B&W [CH-NURS-BW-KM20P-LOUNGE]

• Erb Hall – Larks Nest – Konica 20 P [EH-LARKN-BW-KM4000P]

§ Tap “Print

§ The message "Password required for "[printer name]" will show, please enter your network/Hesston username and password.

o Switch to the “Printing” App installed in step 1. Here you can monitor your print job status.

Also, if you are HC Faculty or Staff you may be presented with a Print Job Notification (below) asking you to select the account to be charged before the print job is released to the printer. Select the appropriate account and tap “Print

* This concludes the iOS printing procedure. Contact Helpdesk (XT 8103) with questions *