iPad Tips and Notes

General iPad tips and links from off campus

HC generated iPad tips and notes

  • The default video recording app in the iPad makes huge video files that are hard to move and work with and probably better quality than you need. So check out the Video Camera + app:

  • Ways to get photos out of your iPad

  • Faculty iPad users, ask to be put in the Moodle "iPad" class if you want links to more educational uses with iPads

  • To change from the default iPad signature which is just advertising for Apple

  • When a PC plays your iPad videos on their side or upside over

  • iPads and Google

  • Suggestion: Add the apps, Gmail, Gdoc, Gdrive

  • Using Reflector to "broadcast" your iPad to the classroom computer

  • Note If after turning on Reflector on the classroom PC, you don't see it on your iPad.. turn on "airplane mode" and then turn it off again to reconnect to the network

  • Note: Generally a PC's USB jacks will not have enough power to charge your iPad, or if they do it will be very slow. Use the iPad charger or a Mac's USB to charge it

Apps recommended by HC Fac/Staff (email Gary if you have one to suggest)

Apps shared at Oct 14, 2014 iPad users group

    • We talked about the default iPad calendar program, but Amy B likes the Sunrise app

    • While there are many apps to save data, only use Google Drive to store HC data. You can keep personal data on programs like Dropbox if you like, but we now have unlimited storage on G drive.

    • Adobe Reader app for the iPad is the best PDF reader

    • Gary mentioned the apps Video Camera + and Tiny Photo which allow you to use the built in camera's to record lower/smaller quality which is often desirable

Apps shared at Nov 11, 2014 iPad users group

    • Gary showed iPad and other web help page with notes from last meeting

    • Reflector software upgrade on laptop seems to be solid, IT will push upgrades to classrooms and we will get faculty feedback. There are other software options if Reflector is still not reliable

    • Sharing by people

      • Bryan shared app Ubersense video app to record video of students that you can then mark up like John Madden and then send to students

      • Tyler

        • showed Stage which allows you to write on stills or video you are shooting with iPad camera. This is like the board cam app, a doc camera app but Tyler mainly uses it for students to record video of dissections and then label part and share with others

        • He also talked about the app Showme, which is a whiteboard app like Educreations that records your audio along with whatever you are writing on the whiteboard

        • He also showed his $20 ipad sylus that is also a laser pointer and regular pen

        • He also showed his stylus with a laser pointer.....and a pen

      • Heidi

        • Preszi app (PPT for non linear ADD people) :)

        • She demo’ed Evernote which she use as info storage area

      • MSO Office Online....90% of what office has, it can do... You create an account with your HC ID info........then you can download the iPad ap and use it.

      • Gary showed

      • Video Camera + and Tiny Photo both which allow you to use the built in camera's to record lower/smaller quality than the default iPad camera aps

      • Gary also talked about the Google apps for Gmail, Drive and Doc and showed Docs briefly