Student Information Technology FAQ

Q: Where can I get questions answered regarding my HC gmail and other Google accounts?

A: Go to our main HC Google Apps page

Q: What are my different Hesston College online accounts?

A: At Hesston you will have one user id ( and one password for all your accounts.

Your password is the one you created when you became an applicant at Hesston.Those accounts include:

    • myHesston where you can check on grades, class schedule, account balances, etc

    • email Your Google account can be used for more than just email, it gives you Google Docs, Drive Calendar etc. To see the HC Google FAQ page, click here.

    • Moodle, our course management tool, that most of your classes will use To see our Moodle FAQ page, click here

    • Our class attendance program

    • To change your password click here

Q: How do I connect my computer, phone, Xbox, etc to the Hesston College wireless network?

A: Click here for our network connection FAQ

Q: Can I check my college email on my smart phone?

A: Yes, either Androids or iPhones can access your email with your built in email program or your can download the Gmail app from either Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iPhone) and associate it to your HC email account.

Q: Can I upload a document from my iPad to Moodle?

A: Yes, read more here.

Q: Can I get a copy of Microsoft Office 365 for free?

A: Yes, click here for instructions.

Q: What are these FAQ’s you keep talking about?

A: A "FAQ" is computer lingo for “Frequently Asked Question” that users often have

Q: How can I change my password for all my HC accounts?

A: Go to

Q: On campus, I’m experiencing difficulty connecting to some online services. Is everything OK?

A: Follow this link to check the status of Hesston’s internet connection

Q: What do my student tech fees pay for?

A: Student tech fees help cover significant costs for the student technical services and infrastructure on campus, from internet service (>$50,000/yr), student networking (wired and wireless) upgrades (>$10,000/yr), keeping student computer labs current (~$30,000/yr), classroom technology for teaching, and more.

Q: What do I need to know about HC network options I have, and are there any computer and network policies I should know about?

A: Yes, click here

Q: What are my options for printing?

A. You can print from any computer lab or the library, for 5 cents a page. Go to our Printing webpage for more info and also options for printing PDFs from the web and printing from your iOS device.

Q: What if I need help with my computer?

A: You have a couple options:

  • Google the problem and try to fix it yourself.

  • Get a tech friend to help you

  • Bring the computer to the IT office (in basement of Ad Building) and we will give you initial advice and can work on the problem if you want, the cost is $20 per hour.

  • If you have problems with malware or adware being installed on your computer, Malwarebyes is a good free software that can usually take care of the problem.

Q: I'm graduating or leaving HC. How long will my accounts be accessible by me and how can I take my files with me?

A: Your Gmail and Google Drive as well as your Office 365 account will remain active for one full semester after you leave Hesston. If you want access to documents you placed in your HC Google based drive after that amount of time, follow these instructions on how to move files out of your HC Google drive to your personal drive.

Q: What if I have other questions not answered here?

Please contact the IT Help Desk by either:

If you have additional questions about Google Apps, or suggestion on what we should put on these pages, email to or stop by IT in the basement of the Administration Building.