April 2018 General Productivity Tips

April 2018 General Computer Productivity Tips

    1. Sometimes you want to capture just part of a screen to share with someone. “Snipping Tool” is a built in Windows tool that will help you with both of these tasks. With this tool you simply capture part of your screen that you want to use, or with an image on your screen, it will capture that and make it smaller.

    2. You can find the tool by searching in the lower left Windows search area

    1. Click here for video on using this tool in Win 7

    2. Click here for video on using this tool in Win 10

    3. If you want to capture the whole screen use the “Print screen” key. If you use the “Alt” and “Print Screen” keys you will copy the top window . This then allows you to paste the image into another application like Word, Gmail, ect.

Click here for text based instructions on this

Click here for video based instructions on this

    1. If you have multiple programs open at one time and want to switch between them, you can hold down the “Alt” key and the “Tab” and cycle thru them and stop on the program you want.

    2. Keyboard shortcuts for common tasks save time and work in most programs.

    3. If you’d like a copy of this little 1’x2’ paper cheat sheet to put on your keyboard, just stop by the IT helpdesk front desk, or Gary’s office.