Canned Responses

Step 1: Enable Canned Responses

  1. Click the Settings Gear on the far right

  2. In Settings, go to Labs

  3. Search for "Canned Responses" and the choose to enable it.

  4. scroll to the top and click Save Changes

Step 2: Create a Canned Response

  1. Return to Compose a new message

  2. type the content you want to save in the body of the message, but delete your signature or it will appear twice in this canned response

  3. click on the drop down

  4. in the bottom right corner

  5. click on Canned Responses

  6. click on New canned response...

  7. type the name for this canned response

  8. click OK

Step 3: Insert and use a Canned Response

  1. Compose another new message

  2. click on the drop down

  3. in the bottom right corner

  4. click on Canned Responses

  5. under Insert, click the name of the canned response you created in Step 2

  6. your canned response is inserted in the body of your message

To delete a canned response:

● Start a new message or reply.

● Click Canned responses.

● Select the desired canned response to delete under the Delete section.

● You will be prompted with a conformation message to delete, click OK.

To edit a canned response:

● Compose a new email

● Click on "Canned responses"

● Under "Insert", select the name of the response you want to edit.

● Make the necessary updates.

● Click on "Canned responses"

● Select "Save - The name of your signature"

● A pop-up window appears, Click "OK"